The water has stopped importing complete the fruit from Australia


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21 Tháng mười 2017
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We are not a product of the same vegetables fruits of Australia are dealing with water ...

According to the newspaper, the Australian, the authorities of The country have made the prohibition on the import of fruit from the country since trade market in 2017.

The news page on said, The water was not licensed to import fruit vegetable together for Australia from the time of the turn of the year 2017 with the reason concerned fruit flies. We are not a product of the same vegetables fruits of Australia are dealing with water, according to the report, the unspeakable.

In 2017, the export of agricultural products, the garden of Australia to reach the turnover of 40 million us dollars, of which private grape items accounted for 32 million u.s. dollars.

According to Ms. Michelle Christoe, an official of the Association of exporters of agricultural products, gardening Australia, the grape will be the impact of items most heavily from the ban on import of The country. "We have not yet had the replacement market would have obvious trade for the black grape, the Midnight Beauty", Ms. Christoe said.

"If sold in the local market, the level of profits will not be as high as export. at the present time, the domestic market are grape surplus, "Ms. Christoe added.

famous quote said, countries have expressed concerns especially for Mediterranean fruit fly species. Types of flies has much face in Western Australia rather than in the Eastern State.

However, many agricultural product industry garden of Australia said that the real reason makes The country a decision to stop importing the fruit from this country is because the water is not satisfied with the long period of time that Australia considers whether to allow the import of agricultural products the garden from The water or not.

"These countries want to export fruit to Australia from fabric in 2016. But until early December, Australia's new test their management model to determine conformity with the conditions of Australia or not, "Ms. Christoe for or.

According to Ms. Christoe, process of import risk assessment (IRA) perhaps need to be pushing faster to avoid the fruit of the country was The country banned the import, but also not so that Australia can float is a quarantine problem. We are aceworldtrading

Mr. Simon Boughey, Executive Director of the company Cherry Growers Australia, also called for accelerating the review rules for imported fruits. "Australia is a place where sometimes it is difficult to bring fruit into other countries. So I think we need to check the entire model, "said Boughey said.

According to him, the garden's produce Boughey Australia "very, very interested" in cooperation with the Ministry of agriculture in this country to solve problems with The same water activity resumed exports to The country as soon as possible. However, he did not give time Boughey prediction can achieve this goal.

In a statement, the Australian Department of agriculture spokesman said the Agency "is working with the Governments to provide more information on the management of the same controlling fruit flies in Australia".

"The officials [Australia] are met as often as possible with the countries to minimize trade disruptions along seeking to resolve soon the concerns of all countries," the spokeswoman said. "We appreciate the commercial relations of The same countries committed to give The country the products meet regulations on import of The country".

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