The difference between galvanized steel pipe and black steel pipe

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Black steel pipe is uncoated steel, also called black steel. The dark color comes from the iron oxide formed on its surface during the manufacturing process. When the steel pipe is forged, black oxide scale is formed on its surface, giving it the finish seen on this type of pipe.

Galvanized steel pipe is steel covered with a layer of zinc metal. During the galvanizing process, the steel is immersed in the molten zinc bath to ensure a strong and uniform barrier coating. The galvanized pipe is covered with zinc material to make the steel pipe more resistant to corrosion.

Brief description of the difference

· Black pipes and galvanized pipes are made of steel.

· Although the galvanized pipe has a zinc coating, the black pipe does not.

· Because it is easy to corrode, the black pipe is more suitable for carrying gas. On the other hand, galvanized pipes are ideal for carrying water, but not suitable for carrying gas.

· Galvanized pipes are more expensive due to galvanizing.

· Galvanized pipe is more durable.


The main purpose of black steel pipe is to transport propane or natural gas to residential and commercial buildings. The pipeline has no joints, making it a better pipeline for carrying gas. Black steel pipe is also used in fire sprinkler systems because it is more fire resistant than galvanized pipe. The main purpose of galvanized pipe is to transport water to homes and commercial buildings. Zinc can also prevent the accumulation of deposits that could block water pipes. Galvanized pipe is usually used as scaffolding because of its corrosion resistance.

The difference in question

The zinc on the galvanized pipe will peel off over time and block the pipe. Flaking can cause the pipe to burst. Using galvanized pipes to carry gas is dangerous. On the other hand, black steel pipes are more prone to corrosion than galvanized pipes and allow minerals in the water to accumulate in them.

cost difference

The cost of galvanized steel pipe is higher than that of black steel pipe because the zinc coating and manufacturing process involve the production of galvanized pipe. The cost of galvanized parts is also higher than that of black steel parts. During the construction of residential or commercial buildings, galvanized steel pipes must not be connected with black steel pipes.

How to distinguish these two kinds of pipelines?

1. Check the color of the pipe. The black steel pipe is flat black, and the galvanized pipe is silver gray. Black steel pipes are darker than galvanized pipes.

2. Distinguish differences through the materials they carry. Galvanized pipes are usually used for water transportation, and black steel pipes are used for gas transportation.

3. Tell the pipes used from one year onwards. If the pipe was installed after the 1950s, it is likely to be black steel, because black steel pipe was used later than galvanized pipe.

The above is about the difference between galvanized steel pipe and black steel pipe. Do you know? If you want to know more about galvanized steel pipe and black steel pipe, please continue to pay attention to us.

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