The basis of eligible Import export FMCG new veterinary hygiene exported honey


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21 Tháng mười 2017
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Only the manufacturing base, honey business participation program monitoring veterinary hygiene, food safety and are certified eligible for new veterinary hygiene are allowed to export honey.

It is one of the content outlined in circular 08/2015/TT-BNNPTNT regulations on sanitary surveillance inspection, animal health, and food safety for the production of honey for export business, which the Ministry of AGRICULTURE & RURAL DEVELOPMENT recently issued.

The circular also stated, the quarantined shipment of honey for export is done at the request of the importing aceworldtrading country. The case uncovered the shipment containing the substance exists balance exceeds the allowable limit, animal quarantine authority export notify production facilities, business know and implement measures to handle according to the regulations.

About honey processing unsatisfactory export of imported water, case shipments were exported, if imported high quality detection of water conservation balance exceeds the limit allowed or not properly sourced then the shippers or shipment of production facilities are inform the veterinary Bureau to coordinate with agencies concerned and the country of import shipment processing. Owners must bear the entire costs for the disposal of the shipment.

On the use of veterinary drugs and feed in beekeeping, the circular stipulates, institutions, individual beekeeping to exports, in addition to the implementation of the provisions of the law on the use of veterinary drugs, feed in beekeeping must follow the requirements of the importer. Prohibiting the mixing of antibiotics, hormones and other toxic chemicals into food beekeeping.

In the month of February and the annual 8-10 2-4, animal health organizations make the screening, assessment, classification of veterinary sanitation, food safety and sampling honey monitoring of residual toxic substances exist in the basis of beekeeping basis, collecting, processing, honey business. In case of need, the inspection of facilities and samples of honey can be done.
Food imports increased almost 60%
Animal food and raw materials is one of the groups of imported goods have risen dramatically from the beginning of the year, with the level rising to 58.8% compared to same period of 2014 home page.

According to the updated information of the General Department of customs, from the beginning of the year to 15-2, the country spent to 451 million dollars to import food and fuel, rose to 167 million dollars, the equivalent of 58.8% compared to the same period in 2014 (the same period reached 284 million us dollars).

The year 2014, the country has imported forage intake and raw materials worth to 3.252 billion.

The largest market offers items for our country is Argentina with the value reached near 1.326 billion dollars, accounting for nearly 40.8% of the total value in import turnover in the country in 2014.
The other major markets including the United States, such as: more than 413 million; China more than 261 million USD; Italy over 220 million USD; Brazil nearly 214 million; India nearly 138 million USD ...