Advantages of ringlock scaffolding

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4 Tháng tám 2020
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Ringlock scaffolding has advantages such as shortened construction period, simple specifications, high turnover rate, safe structure, large carrying capacity, efficient construction and disassembly, prevention of material stealing, not easy to lose, quick arrangement, and convenient transportation.

1. Efficient construction and disassembly, shortening the construction period

The laborers only need to tap the crossbar plug into the roulette. The operation is simple. After half an hour of training for ordinary labor, they can reach the level of 90% of skilled workers; the labor intensity is low, and female general workers can set up and For the equivalent workload of skilled workers, the per capita wage has been reduced from 320 yuan/day to 220 yuan/day. Female general workers can save 30% of the average daily wages compared to large skilled workers. Cost); Compared with the equivalent area of steel pipe fastener scaffolding, it can not only save 50% of labor and labor, the nodes are connected quickly, and the assembly and disassembly are flexible. For example, when the fastener scaffold is installed, 10 labor technicians build about 550 square meters in 8 hours a day; The ringlock scaffolding is constructed by 10 labors and technicians about 1,200 square meters 8 hours a day, which greatly improves work efficiency.

2. the structure is safe, the bearing capacity is large

The ringlock scaffolding is completely modular, with fixed spacing between the crossbars and the vertical rods; the ringlock scaffolding has good mechanical properties, adopts the top support force, has sufficient bearing capacity and stability, and the load capacity is fastener type 6 times, the construction is safe and reliable. Steel-tube fastener scaffolding is difficult to control due to the construction of vertical poles, cross-bars with different spacing, vertical and horizontal horizontal rods not in accordance with the specifications, etc., cutting corners and materials, and the beam bottom fasteners are eccentrically stressed (the fasteners used on site are usually only 1.5 kg/piece) , Causing huge security risks.

3. simple specifications, high turnover rate

The ringlock scaffolding pole has only 6 specifications (0.3, 0.7m, 1.0m, 1.3m, 1.9m, 2.5m), and the cross bar has 3 specifications (0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m), which can be topped by socketing Any height can be combined at will to meet the needs of all storey height structures on site and greatly improve the material turnover rate. For example: a hotel project has 22 floors, and the project has 9 different floor heights (3.4m, 3.8m, 4.5m, 5.2m, 11.8m, 5.9m, 5.7m, 5.4m, 6.5m), The maximum area of a single storey is about 20,000 square meters. The use of ringlock scaffolding effectively increases the turnover rate of materials used for flipping between floors, thereby achieving a great reduction in the total amount of materials used. The following related costs are also saved (such as: Material rental fee, material entry and exit arrangement fee, loading and unloading fee, transportation fee, set-up and disassembly fee, wastage fee, floor space, etc.)! If steel pipe fastener scaffolding is used, the specification reaches 60 sizes, and the single layer area of the project is large , Non-standard floor height specification poles must let tenants "crazy cutting" rhythm, resulting in scaffolding material loss and increased labor costs, in order to meet the on-site construction needs, and the poles cannot be effectively used on each floor;

4. loss 0.04%

The ring lock scaffold has no spare parts, and it is not easy to be lost and buried during the on-site construction process, and it is not easy to steal. Nowadays, electric wrenches are commonly used for fasteners. The screw is seriously lost and the loss cost is about 0.5-1 yuan/㎡ (according to the building square meter) , The average cost of the overall steel pipe and fastener scaffold for each project is about 3 yuan/square meter. Damaged fasteners cannot be repaired in time, which is not only easy to lose, but also causes accumulated rental fees.

5. Cost savings

The versatility of ringlock scaffolding can save 30% of the total consumption compared with the steel pipe fastener type. The relative saving of the ring lock scaffold is also the material rent. Refer to the average price in October 2019: steel pipe 120 yuan/ton month, fastener 0.012 RMB/day/piece, 1 ton of steel pipe with 180 fasteners (on-site can use and wastage fasteners), a total of 185 yuan/ton monthly rental fee; if the storage and project distance is calculated at 30 kilometers, the transportation fee for entry and exit 100 yuan/ton, finishing fee 30 yuan/ton, loading and unloading fee 15 yuan/ton, material loss 3 yuan/square (calculated based on the total construction area), the above comprehensive cost accounts for 30% of the total material rental cost, and the occupation of the site Space and tower cranes coordinate with time, and are more conducive to site civilized construction management, etc.;

6.civilized construction

Due to the advantages of high turnover rate and strong versatility of wheel buckles, compared with steel pipe fastener scaffolding, the quantity of materials is reduced by 30%. At present, there is a shortage of space in construction sites. ringlock scaffolding saves the total consumption, which not only saves comprehensive costs but also improves the project department. Civilized construction image.

7. Quickly organize and easy to transport

The ringlock scaffolding has only 6 specifications for the vertical poles and 4 specifications for the cross bars. During the finishing process, the ruler is not required to measure one by one, and the workers can directly identify the length, which can achieve efficient finishing and stacking. Because the ringlock scaffolding is packaged as a whole, it is quick to load and unload and easy to transport.

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