Middle/Senior Front-End Developer (Angular Js)

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    Middle/Senior Front-End Developer (Angular Js)

    - Communicating with our partners in English (via Skype, phone)
    - Develop the User Interface for client’s websites, mobile and web applications.
    - Responsible for creating websites front-end with HTML5/ CSS3/ JavaScript techniques
    - Training for Junior Front-end developers.

    - 3+ years experience working as a Front-end / web developer
    - Strong HTML5, CSS3, Javascript skills
    - Experience in creating the responsive websites design (Bootstrap) and websites optimized for mobile devices
    - Good knowledge in AngularJS, Bootstrap, jQuery, REST API.
    - Experience in NODE JS: Grunt, Bower, ...
    - Experience in PHP is preferred.
    - Experience in creating templates for popular CMS: Drupal/ WordPress/ Joomla
    - Fluent English in listening & speaking, also in writing.

    We're always looking for candidates with talent and we know choosing a place is also so difficult for you. Therefore, let us give you some extra reasons to join us:
    - Many opportunities for personal and professional growth as a gateway to your wealthy.
    - Competitive salary, bonuses and allowances. Salary is reviewed twice per year based on performance.
    - 13-th month salary.
    - Social & health insurance, annual leave, working conditions pursuant to Vietnamese labor law to improve your living quality.
    - Opportunity to learn more and develop yourselves.
    - Yearly health check- up.
    - Friendly, young & dynamic working environment with many activities like football team, birthday party, happy hours, company activities, company trips, English club…

    SALARY $600 - $1300
    Please send your fully & newest English resume and we will contact you as soon as possible for the directly interview at the Company.

    Thanks & best regards,

    Nguyễn Phương Chính
    HR Department
    37A Phan Xich Long, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC

    E-mail: chinhnp@elisoft.com

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